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Nice group of men. Worked well together. Did a great job of cleaning up after they were finished. Worked quickly, but thoroughly.

Fran C. - St Paul ,MN

Service Performed: Tree Removal

They did an outstanding job. Now we have a lot of light coming through the trees and it makes getting outside more enjoyable. I would recommend them to anyone,

Betty and Jeffrey J - South St Paul, MN

Service Performed: Tree Removal and Trimming

They perform great work on a huge oak branch sitting on my garage. They prevented any additional damage to the garage. They cleaned up perfectly. I have no issues using them again.

Roland H - Shoreview, MN

Service Performed: Tree Removal, Tree and Shrub Trimming

Everyone was so nice, they were fast, fun to watch, and they cleaned up everything. Very professional.

Janet W - Minneapolis, MN

Hard working, respectful crew! Communication was excellent, and work was done in a timely matter. Had them clean up some blown over trees after a storm, and also remove some very large stumps. Would recommend to anyone within their operating area.

Nate Ober

I had a large clump of birch that was in a very tricky spot. Right near a new wooden fence. The team took the tree down so efficiently and expertly! They cut the stump down as far as possible and their clean up was excellent! I m planning to have them back this fall to trim a very large oak tree. I highly recommend Sorensen!

Corey H - St Paul, MN

If you're looking for an exemplary tree service, this is it! Not only were they great at the trimming and clean up, Mike took into consideration my night shift sleeping schedule when scheduling their service. I highly recommend them!!

Tina Marie Nelson

They did an excellent job and they were fast and everything was cleaned up after wards. They were nice to work with.

Gail G - Maplewood, MN

What a great team of guys, very professional. I had a high risk old maple tree removed, they craned it over my house. No damage to my yard or anything! Cleaned up everything, even ground out the huge stump! Anyone who needs tree service use them!!!

Mike H - Minneapolis, MN

I was in a panic! Half a huge tree in my yard had blown down. The other half would most likely land on my house should it fall too. Strong winds up to 50 mph were predicted for this evening and during the night. I contacted Sorenson last morning. Within 1/2 hour Mike came and gave me an estimate. Crew of 5 arrived probably around 2:00. Had everything done & the yard raked & cleaned up by around 4:30. I could breathe again!!!

Roxanne K- Shoreview, MN

These guys were on time and did a great job. Cut down one tree, trimmed three trees and cleaned up some brush piles I had on the property and raked everything up and cleaned up. They were here and gone in 2.5 hours.

David G - Apple Valley, MN

Very nice and hard working team. They did far more than I expected when they trimmed a large tree in the front yard and when they removed a large tree by crane from the back yard, they cleaned up so well you would hardly know a tree was taken out there. Very fair in their pricing and even took the time to see where they had to be to compete for business. Would highly recommend them and will definitely use them again if i need more trees removed!

Samantha M - Oakdale, MN

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